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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Popular golf clubs and trends: HYBRID golf clubs - gaining popularity

Popular golf clubs and trends: HYBRID golf clubs - gaining popularity

Thursday, January 19, 2006

HYBRID golf clubs - gaining popularity

Hybrid Golf Clubs – 1/19/2006
by TheAceofClubs.com
Chino Hills, CA

Half iron, half wood – the best of both worlds. It seems that hybrid golf clubs are taking to the courses by storm. Their popularity is increasing in exponential form as golfers across the country are hearing and using them more and more. Hybrid golf clubs are becoming frequent topics of discussion in many internet golf blogs as new and existing users alike share their success stories.

Initially, when hybrids were first introduced, they were only made available to replace the harder to hit long irons (3, 4, and 5 irons). As the hybrid popularity grew, golfers appear to have demanded a greater selection. The market has grown to make available many choices in styles as well as complete sets of hybrid golf clubs, including number 3 iron through number nine iron. Now just this year, for the first time ever, manufacturers are truly making complete hybrid sets available. Hybrid sets can now be found to include pitching and sand wedges.

The reason for the gain in popularity – the easy answer – they are much easier to hit than the standard traditional golf irons. Lets face it, we go golfing to have fun – we have more fun if we do well – we do well when are golf equipment makes it easy for use. It does not take a scientist to do the math yourself. Hybrid irons = more fun with golf.

Why are hybrid irons easier to use? Believe it or not, the clubs do much of the work for you. There is no more trying to muscle your way through the ball with the traditional irons. Hybrids are larger and heavier and naturally crash through the ball with much less effort. The majority of the users report that the distance of their ball flight is much farther than compared to their traditional irons. Additionally, because of their unique design, the heads can be designed with greater diversity in weight displacement. Bottom weighting for getting under the ball producing a higher trajectory (distance), back weighting for producing greater moment of inertia (distance), heel and toe weighting for producing less twist on impact (more accuracy). Win win all the way around.

Still a skeptic? Well truthfully, most people are a little bit skeptical to make the investment into something new and different. I can’t tell you how many times though, that a customer has decided “try one” and see what it does for him, only to fall in love with it, then call back to order one or two more. Heck, some folks like them so much, that after trying just one club, they called back to purchase the complete set. Let the club speak for itself!

Keep in mind that hybrid golf clubs (or any other clubs for that matter) can be ordered and custom built through TheAceofClubs.com with any shaft flex, shaft length, and grip selection that suits your preference. You can have them built with steel or graphite shafts at very affordable prices. It only takes a couple days to build a ship. You will be surprised how affordable they are in comparison to the one size fits all major brand name on the shelf of your local sporting goods store.

Hit em’ far, hit em’ straight, and most of all, have fun –